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Do I need to join NALCO to participate?
No, but Hams are encouraged to join NALCO as a member for several reasons. First, in a RACES activation your participation as a Disaster Service Worker will be covered legally. Secondly, under certain circumstances only NALCO members can be used. Thirdly, you will have access to training opportunities and resources that non-members do not. Finally, it tends to be easier to work with people you know than strangers.

Do I need to be a HAM to be a member of NALCO?
Short answer – No. If you are interested in becoming a HAM or were a HAM and your license expired, present members happily will provide you with the information and tools to either pass your licensing exam or renew your license. An easy way to find out if NALCO is a good fit for you, is to either attend one of the monthly meetings (every first Thursday of the month) or attend “ARRL Field Day” (this year June 25-26).

Is there a membership fee?
Members are asked to donate $25.00 annually to help cover basic administrative costs and support future growth of the group. Payment can be made by check, cash or Paypal.

Do I have to attend meetings or training exercises?
NALCO is a volunteer organization. NALCO is required to host training exercises for its members. Participation depends on the level of involvement you wish to have. Members are encouraged to participate in Fire Patrol’s, Simulated Emergency Tests (SET), and other training opportunities to prepare themselves and enhance their communication abilities.

In an emergency will I be deployed somewhere?
In an emergency, most members may find themselves unable to travel anywhere. Members that wish to be deployed somewhere, may be. Members who wish to remain in their neighborhoods or present locations, or cannot leave those areas are encouraged to operate from those areas. A good example of this would be CERT members handling communication for their neighborhood.

Can I just participate in the weekly nets?
Yes. We encourage all HAMs regardless of membership status with NALCO to participate in our nets. We are all part of the same community and knowing each other and working together will make us stronger in the event of a real emergency.

How can I find out more about any of the things listed above?
• You can visit our website at n6brk.info.
• You can attend one of our meetings.
• You can attend “ARRL Field Day”.
• You can contact the president at:


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